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We are a family owned mortgage lender out of Pendleton, Indiana. We have office space conveniently located on the Northside of Indy and Richmond in Scott’s Addition off of West Broad Street.

At Fancher Mortgage, our goal is to make the home loan process as simple as possible. Our mission is to close on time, every time, with minimal hassle, period.

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Kurt Fancher Website Photo

Kurt Fancher

Branch Manager
NMLS# 354570


Kurt is our Branch Manager and your Mortgage Consultant. He will meet with you for your loan consultation and educate you on the loan process and your options. He will help determine the loan program that is right for you, provide your initial estimate and issue your pre-approval so you can begin looking at homes in the right price range.

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Barbie New

Barbie New

Loan Partner to Kurt Fancher
NMLS# 870614


Barbie will help guide you through the mortgage experience. She’ll act as point of contact and advocate for you through the pre-approval process by getting answers to outstanding questions, collecting documents, and reviewing those documents. As you search for a home, Barbie will stay in touch making sure everything stays on track. Once you find your home and have an accepted offer, Barbie will be there to make sure your file is prepped to send to the Underwriters for initial review.

Larry Nutt Website Photo (1)

Larry Nutt

RVA Branch Manager
NMLS# 1228056


As a Virginian with Hoosier roots, I've been helping clients in Virginia, Indiana, North Carolina, and Tennessee navigate the mortgage world since 2016. I believe buying a home should not be complicated. Life is stressful, and mortgages shouldn't be. My team and I will work with you at each step of the process, keeping you as informed and stress-free as possible.

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Ashley Dugan

Ashley Dugan

Mortgage Consultant
NMLS# 1936256


I started out in mortgages because I wanted to help others and make a difference in people’s lives. Assisting individuals and families in the process of owning a home is a great way for me to help! When I purchased my first home, I had a wonderful experience with the loan officer who helped me; they showed me the impact I could have on others. To me, educating borrowers is key. Making sure they understand the process from start to finish, makes a big difference in the overall experience. I make sure they understand their options and help them choose the best solution! My goal is for each person I help to walk away with a positive experience. Purchasing and/or refinancing a home can be challenging, my job is to take the challenges away and allow homebuyers to enjoy the end result: owning their home.

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Missy Eggleston

Missy Eggleston

Loan Processor

As your loan processor, Missy’s highest priority is to get your loan closed on time. She works directly with underwriting, your realtor, insurance agent, and the title company to obtain your final loan approval. She is your primary contact from the time of contract through closing. She will send you and your realtor a Friday Wrap-Up each week to let you know the status of your loan.


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The Right Loan Program for You

Which Scenario Below Best Describes You?


I do not have a lot of money for a down payment.

Loan Features:

  • Great for First Time Homebuyers
  • Low Down Payment
  • Easy Credit Qualifying
  • Purchases can Include Rehab and Remodels
  • Easy Refinancing
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I live in a rural area and need financing for a home.

Loan Features:

  • Great for those with Low to Moderate Income
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • Flexible Underwriting Guidelines and Credit Qualifications
  • Household Income & Property Geographic Limitations Apply
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I am able to make a larger down payment.

Loan Features:

  • Great for those with Moderate to High Income
  • As Little as 5% Down Payment (only 3% for First-Time Homebuyers)
  • 20% Down Payment Removes Mortgage Insurance Premiums
  • Flexible Terms
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I am an active member of the military or a veteran.

Loan Features:

  • Designed to Provide Financing to American Veterans
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • No Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
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I am completing my residency and want to buy.

Loan Features:

  • Flexible Down Payment Options
  • Up to 100% Financing
  • No Monthly Private Mortgage Insurance (PMI)
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DU Refi Plus

I had a conventional loan before 2009 and owe more on my mortgage than my home is worth.

Loan Features:

  • Increased Underwriting Flexibilities
  • Refinances Existing Fannie Mae Loans made before May 31st 2009 for Today’s Low Interest Rates
  • No Mortgage Insurance Premiums Required if Mortgage Insurance was not Required at Start of Existing Loan
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FHA Manufactured Home

I want to purchase a manufactured home.

Loan Features:

  • Great for First Time Homebuyers
  • Low Down Payment
  • Easy Credit Qualifying
  • Easy Refinancing
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Mortgage Resources and Tools

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How to Get a Loan

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Mortgage Checklist

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How to Get a Home Loan in 3 Easy Steps

Our Process Allows us to Close Loans in Weeks

Step 1

Choose us to obtain your home loan.

Once you select us to obtain your home loan, you’ll be amazed at how quickly and simply the loan process moves. Before you know it, you’ll have a mortgage that suits your needs and goals.

Throughout the loan-application process, we provide you with regular updates, proactively, and you can also e-mail us with questions or new information.

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Step 2

Apply now, getting started is easy.

Start by completing theapplicationon our website. This is a secure and easy method to provide some basic information to allow us to start to analyze options for you.

Once complete, we will then go over your pre-approval in detail to discuss interest rates, downpayment, monthly payments, etc. and we can tweak the numbers as needed until we have a perfect fit.

We will request a small list of income and asset documents so that we can validate everything from an underwriting standpoint – we want to make absolute certainty that there will be no hiccups once you are ready to make an offer!

Once validated, we will provide you with a pre-approval letter and share the highlights of your pre-approval with your Realtor (type of program, downpayment, price range, amount of seller help to negotiate toward closing costs, if needed, etc.

Then, you’ll be 100% ready to start house hunting and be in a position to make a strong offer once the perfect home presents itself.

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Step 3

You have an accepted offer.

Once you have an accepted offer, you will be eligible to lock into your interest rate and we will prepare initial loan disclosures and create a list of any last documents we’ll need to collect.

We will then order an appraisal to make sure the value of the home supports the purchase price, and then submit your file to our underwriting department for final approval. About 99% of everything we do is electronic, so the process is very simple, secure, and can be done on your own time/schedule – no need to meet in person.

Once the underwriter has cleared your loan for closing, we will work with the Title Company (where your closing will take place) to finalize your numbers for closing. We pride ourselves by giving you assurance that the amount you need for closing will never be more than what we have estimated for you…again – no negative surprises!

At least 48 hours prior to closing, we will send you a copy of your closing documents so that you’ll have time to ready all of your documents prior to sitting at the closing table. You will then complete any banking needed for the funds, and show up at closing with a copy of your driver’s license – everything else will be ready for you. The closing will take about an hour and at the end, you will be a proud homeowner!

That’s it – simple, straightforward, and efficient!

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Mortgage Checklist

  Purchase Loan Refinance Loan
Loan Application
Driver’s License
Pay Stubs for the Past 30 Days
W-2’s, 1099’s and/or K-1’s for Past 2 Years
Federal Tax Returns for Past 2 Years
Bank Statements for the Past 2 Months (all numbered pages included)
Most Recent Statement for Any Other Accounts Being Used for the Down Payment (401K, IRA, Stocks, etc.)
Divorce Decree (if applicable)
Bankruptcy Documents (if applicable)
For VA Loans – DD214
Mortgage Statement
Other Documentation may be Required

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