Larry Nutt Named to Real Estate Academy of Leadership (REAL) Class of 2020

Larry Nutt Named to Real Estate Academy of Leadership Class of 2020

Indianapolis, Indiana– The entire team at Fancher Mortgage and GVC Mortgage, Inc. is thrilled to announce the acceptance of Larry Nutt to the Real Estate Academy of Leadership (REAL). This is a fantastic opportunity for Larry to not only grow as a professional in the industry, but also personally as the REAL program focuses on leadership, issues, and trends within our community.

The MIBOR REALTOR Association founded REAL in 1995 as an “effort to identify individuals from the association’s membership who have leadership interest and potential.” Only 20 members are accepted into the REAL program every year. Larry joins the select few Loan Officers to be accepted to participate along with Realtors throughout the years and the only one selected for the 2020 class.

REAL participants attend classes on a monthly basis to discuss some of the most pressing industry topics of the day. A few of these topics include: establishing a voice of leadership within the community, understanding the governmental structure in Indiana, and the impact of professionalism in our industry.

Larry spent years working towards this opportunity, “I’ve spent the last 3 years building a resume and career path I felt was strong enough to not only get me into the program but was worthy of being accepted.” Larry will spend the rest of 2019 and early 2020 learning side-by-side with his MIBOR peers about how to improve the Real Estate industry and how to improve himself for the betterment of the communities he serves.

At Fancher Mortgage, we’re not just thrilled for Larry’s opportunity, we’re proud of him for his commitment to leadership and improving the lives of those around him. We know that this opportunity is well deserved and can’t wait to see what Larry’s future holds.